Dead Man’s Corner Museum

Dead Man's Corner: Located At The Heart of History

Headquarters of the German paratroopers before being taken over by the American paratroopers, it is currently a museum dedicated to the former. Discover the story of this house which holds a unique and authentic collection of artifacts.

Here, the men of the 6th German parachute infantry regiment (PIR) nicknamed the «Green Devils » fought  fiercely for three days against the American paratroopers of the 101stAirborne Division.  On the morning of June 6 1944, the Commander of the German paratroopers, the major von der Heydte established his headquarters whereas the Dr Roos set up an aid station.

On June 8, as the Germans withdrew to Carentan the American Colonel “Iron Mike” Michaelis established the headquarters of his unit, the 502nd PIR of the 101st Airborne.



But Why This Strange Name?

In the village, it is said that the house is haunted! Some feel wandering souls there. Others feel uneasy due to the catchy reenactment. Through authentic artifacts that belonged to German paratroopers you will discover the strategic challenge with the city of Carentan and why this Dead Man’s Corner was so crucial during the seizure of this city. By visiting this place, you will step into history, learn more about both the meaning of this name and the men who fought at this very place.

What if The Artifacts Could Speak?

The «Green Devils» are waiting for you.

As you enter this famous house in which the bloodshed took place, you will be engrossed in the atmosphere of the very first moments of the landings as lived by the Germans. The events that took place here have been carefully recreated by the means of authentic artifacts to get you immersed at the core of history. Said artifacts were recovered from the ground for a large part of them and have shaped history. And their story is told by the very eyes of Major von der Heydte.


Your guide: Major von der Heydte

Whereas Lieutenant Colonel Wolverton’s avatar guides you through the D-Day Experience exhibition, Major von der Heydte shows you the way through the Dead Man’s Corner Museum. Prior to assuming command of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 in January 1944, Friedrich August von der Heydte participated in the campaigns of Poland (1939) and France (1940). He also fought in Crete in May 1941 and North Africa from June 1942 to February 1943 after a period in Russia. Promoted to the rank of Major, and in spite of injuries sustained in a plane crash in Italy in September 1943, he ended up in Normandy in June 1944. When word spread that the Allies were landing, he decided to set up his command post in this house, overlooking the marshlands and the road to Carentan. As soon as you walk in the Dead Man’s Corner Museum, you will find yourself in the effervescence of his command post in the morning of June 6, 1944, battle orders roaring all around you – just a glimpse of what the German troops lived in the first hours of D-Day!