Historical trail

A journey to learn, discover and remember

The <strong>histaorical trail</strong> streching over 40 km is a circuit to learn, discover and remember. It will allow you to <strong>retrace the steps of the men of the 101<sup>st</sup> Airborne Division</strong> and follow their advancement to seize the town of Carentan. The 13 sites included in the trail will take you to the critical points in the battle for the<strong> liberation of  Carentan</strong> as told in <em>Band of brothers</em> where both <strong>American and German paratroopers</strong> fought fiercely for several days.

You will find explanatory tables together with photos and maps as a means to <strong>follow the advancement of this famous battle of Carentan</strong> and guide you all throughout. These  tables  are displayed at the spots where either the objectives of the 101<sup>st</sup> Airborne Division were formed and/or at strategic spots of the battle. They allow you <strong>to get immersed in the core of the battlefield more than 70 years later.</strong> This route is particularly relevant since it follows in part the path taken by the various regiments of the division.

Prepare Your Journey

You can do this round trip at any time, at your own pace and in your own vehicle. The map and the GPS data will allow you to navigate for yourself without difficulties in all Norman countryside. Throughout, you will be able to observe the rich heritage and natural beauty of little villages. In the heart of the Parc Naturel du Marais du Cotentin and du Bessin.  Approximate duration of the tour: 3h.